Completing My Journey — Selling STRATEGIC IO

All downhill…get it? ;)
  • Want an FCL? Better have a federal government agency or another FCL possessing company willing to sponsor you. Oh, and 9 months of time to wait…
  • Not already cleared? That can be tough. Thankfully, NSA has an awesome thing called the Provisional Industrial Security Approval (PISA) Sponsorship Program. Unfortunately, you’ll need an NSA sponsor (which you probably won’t have…because you’re not cleared ;)
  • What about that DDTC? Well you’re going to need to be “eligible to contract with, or to receive a license or other approval to import defense articles” and pay an annual $2,250 fee.

“You can only build one amazing thing at a time.”

  • Want to escape your desk? The agriculture tech industry is booming!
  • Tired of working in the hot sun? There are infinite open programming positions in climate controlled offices.
  • Think you can build a better defense contracting firm? I want to help.



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